The company was founded on 11 November 1999

Since then we’ve helped secure approval for 57889 homes, 18621 student beds, 5.9 million sq ft of retail, 14.6 million sq ft of business uses, and 656 MW of renewable energy*.

We measure our success rate.  For the projects where we do the full service, our success rate at planning committee is 94.5%.  It’s part of our Results Driven core value.

“Our goal is to constantly provide the most superior and unrivalled planning communications experience, for our clients, and one that gets results“
Richard Patient, MD, Thorncliffe

Here’s more about our Core Values:


Thorncliffe is proud to be an Investors in People (IiP) organisation.  It is very important part of the company because it helps define our culture towards training and helps the company think about forward plans for how the company develops.

IiP recognises firms that make training, informing and involving colleagues central to how they work and where there is a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

As a moderately small company, Thorncliffe is very unusual in having IiP.  We recently did an audit of our competitors – only those companies that were part of a much larger group appeared to be IiP accredited.

The company is periodically assessed to see how we match up to IiP standards. We passed our last audit by their assessor in December 2016.

We are happy to provide our clients with a copy of our IiP Assessment Report.


Our team of about 20 colleagues aims to provide a gold star service.  They are properly trained and passionate about their politics.  They are persistent in providing a good performance, and want to listen to your requirements.

Honesty and Integrity

Our triple-lock code of conduct means colleagues who are councillors have to adhere to the law, their council code and our company code and can never work in their own local authority area. We surpass industry standards by preventing retiring councillors working immediately in their own local area.

In addition, we think if you are talking to someone, you should declare who your client is, irrespective of whether they happen to be in one of the “institutions of government” – that’s one area where we are different from others. When we talk to local community stakeholders, we make sure they know who we are working for.

All colleagues must sign the code and it forms part of their conditions of contract, which means that any breaches of the code are examined under our disciplinary policy.

We employ serving councillors. Where this is the case, their employment is recorded in the Register of Members’ Interests at the relevant authority. Serving councillors should take no part for our company on any application within his or her own local authority area.

We’ve had our Code of Conduct for many years, and we’ve recently reviewed and strengthened it. It’s just common sense.

We are registered with ORCL, the Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists.

The full code can be downloaded as a PDF here.   In addition, a list of clients and staff employed by the company are available to current clients and monitoring officers on request

And why are we called Thorncliffe?

In 1999, the company started on Thorncliffe Road, in Lambeth.  We like to acknowledge our roots.

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(* – figures correct as at 7 June 2018)