Two months of elections!

The good news for anyone thinking the UK has too little democracy is that there are going to be two rounds of major elections in May.

Smile! This is your moment.

Westminster is allowing objectors and applicants to speak at meetings for the first time. We take a look at how to make your three minutes in the spotlight more effective.

TIGgers – the new Workers Party?

The TIGgers, the so-called ‘independent group’ of MPs that have left both Labour and the Tories this week, are the new kids on the block – but what could this mean for local politics?

Shortlisted for awards

Two of our projects are up for awards at the PR Moment Awards – an estate regeneration for a local authority, and a scheme where we helped overturn an officer’s …

Budget welcomed – pigs might be able to fly

Until last night’s resignation of a junior Minister over the delay in reduced bets on fixed-odd betting machines, the Budget had been unusually welcomed.  Most normal budgets unravel in some …