Thorncliffe | Your Shout welcomes the Registrar’s endorsement of our Code of Conduct

Richard Patient, Managing Director of Thorncliffe | Your Shout has welcomed the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists’ endorsement of its Code of Conduct following an industry-wide consultation.

The Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists (ORCL) confirmed that they are now content with our new Code, which for the first time introduces an Independent Adjudicator – who will be a member of the Bar Council or Law Society – to oversee the functioning of the code.

Our Code of Conduct has been operating for 15 years and this latest major addition is just one of the series of revisions that have been applied over that time, to ensure it surpasses industry standards:

  • The code includes our triple-lock, meaning colleagues have to adhere to the law, their council code (if they are also councillors) and the company code.
  • We have our own register to monitor our communications with national politicians and the UK Government, and this work is registered with ORCL.
  • We seek to expand good practice by unilaterally preventing retiring councillors working immediately in their own local area. Unlike other codes, we must be honest towards everyone we interact with – this includes members of the public and stakeholders, not just clients and politicians.

ORCL’s new guidance notes:

  • A relevant code of conduct must go beyond setting out general, good professional behaviour and must contain provisions that are of particular relevance to the way that consultant lobbying activity is carried out.
  • A relevant code must also include oversight or control by an external process.
  • A code of conduct that is written for individuals can be declared by an organisation only if every employee subscribes to that code. 

Richard Patient, MD of Thorncliffe | Your Shout said: “We welcome the Registrar’s confidence in the company’s Code of Conduct. Our code is already an exemplary example of ethical public affairs practice, and this confirmation from the Registrar is key to continuing that tradition.

“This confirmation will support public trust in lobbying by enabling members of the public to distinguish between the organisations that subscribe to ethical standards and those that do not.”