The Gove agenda

Is this the last throw of the dice for Gove on planning reform? With time rapidly running out before the election, Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove has put forward an idea to bump up housebuilding which he might just get through in time.  It comes out of the fact that the Conservative government does not… Continue reading The Gove agenda

Don’t be afraid of the voters

Just before Christmas, the Tories came up with the concept of street vote development orders, a new route to planning permission that will give residents the ability to propose development on their street and, subject to meeting certain requirements, vote on whether the development should be given planning permission. Of course, it’s a bit late… Continue reading Don’t be afraid of the voters

The Times

The Times has contacted us about councillors helping developers understand the complexities of the planning system. The journalist initially inferred that there might be a problem with this. We hope we reassured her that anyone that works for us that is also a councillor adheres to our triple lock – abiding by the law, their… Continue reading The Times

Want a statement of community support like this?

If you want to see it in action, go to this website, hit on the Community Engagement tab, and then click “Click here to read the AELTC Statement of Community Support.” If you want to know more, email richard.patient@thorncliffe.com or call 07747 615918.