London local elections 2022 – our forecast

Croydon – Conservative Mayor, Labour council majority Arrangements to control the council were upended when a directly elected Mayor system was adopted by referendum. The campaign for a Mayor, while non-partisan, was strongly supported by Conservatives from the south of the borough – where the Conservatives are heavily supported but find themselves in a borough… Continue reading London local elections 2022 – our forecast

New guidance for planning ministers

The government has published new guidance for Ministers to engage with developers, particularly of relevance to planning ministers when dealing with propriety issues and when taking planning casework decisions. Richard Patient, managing director of Thorncliffe, said: “These are great guidelines.  They encourage Ministers to engage with developers and those with interests in planning decisions, but… Continue reading New guidance for planning ministers


We produced this TikTok for Camden’s planning service:

Local elections kick off today

The local election campaign formally kicks off today. It’s the largest test of democracy since the general election as we have two years of elections in one, including all the councils which were due to have elections in 2020. In addition to the Scottish Parliament, Senedd Cymru and GLA, all Police and Crime Commissioners are… Continue reading Local elections kick off today

Remote planning committee meetings

Richard Patient, Managing Director of Thorncliffe | Your Shout:  “The government faces a problem.  To extend remote council meetings requires primary legislation – an Act of Parliament, but extending the Coronavirus Act – which expires on May 7th – is highly controversial amongst its backbench members.  “Jenrick acted quickly last year, but this year he’s… Continue reading Remote planning committee meetings