Happy LandAid Day

At Thorncliffe, we have a lively approach to community – after all, most of us are or have been, elected representatives and serve our local community every day.

But it’s not just our colleagues who give their time to community. We think we, as a community, should value this input and help them and others in many ways.

That’s why we’re delighted to promote LandAid’s first ever Thank You Day to recognise the generosity and commitment of the brilliant supporters – many of whom are in the property industry. Without us all, LandAid wouldn’t be where it is today.

We know that the efforts of LandAid, and the people who help, are having a real impact on young people across the UK. Last year, they funded 20 outstanding projects, helped 35 charities in need of property advice and supported over 7,000 vulnerable young people.

Land Aid is about ending youth homelessness. We hope that LandAid continues to receive the backing of the property industry, so that no young person has to face homelessness.

LandAid’s most recent impact report can be downloaded here.

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