London elections 8am special

Yesterday, 32 London councils held elections for councillors and five also held mayoral elections. Most have declared their results, but some are still counting today.

Here are the headlines so far.

Barnet is still Conservative, having gained seats in the night’s surprising result. Labour had strongly predicted a takeover but the Conservatives surprised many – including their own activists – by gaining seats.

Wandsworth has defied the predictions and stayed Conservative, though their majority has shrunk from 18 to 6.

Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea are still Conservative, despite some predictions at the stat of the election period that these councils could turn Labour.


In Barking and Dagenham, Labour have regained a clean sweep, with the one seat held by an Independent returning to Labour. Labour hold.

In Barnet, with three seats left to count the Conservatives a guaranteed a majority in the night’s surprising result. With the council previously not having a majority party following the defection of a deselected Conservative this represents a Conservative gain.

In Bexley, counting is still underway with the Conservatives certain to mantain their majority. Conservative hold.

In Brent, Labour have a clear lead on the council with counting still underway. This will be a Labour hold.

In Camden, Labour has taken seats from the Conservatives and Lib Dems and presently have 43 of the 54 seats, with Belsize ward to recount at midday. Labour hold.

In Croydon, the north/south split in the borough was broadley maintained with labour taking 41 of the 60 seats on the council, an increase of two. Labour hold.

In Ealing, Labour now control 57 of the 69 seats on the council, having taken 4 seats from the Conservatives. Labour hold.

In Enfield, counting is still underway with Labour guaranteed to maintain their control of the council and likely to marginally increase their majority. Labour hold.

In Greenwich, Labour now hold the same number of seats – 42 – as they held prior to yesterday’s election, with the Conservatives still holding nine seats. Labour hold.

In Hammersmith and Fulham, Labour have increased their majority on the council to 26 in Labour’s best performance of the night. Labour hold.

In Havering, the Conservatives now have 25 seats and labour have 5. However a variety of residents groups and Independents have 24 of the council’s 54 seats meaning that the council is still under No Overall Control.

In Hillingdon, the Conservatives have marginally increased their majority in a decision that has disappointed local activists. Conservative hold.

In Kensington and Chelsea, the Conservatives continue to have a healthy majority, having just lost one seat, despite the predictions made in the wake of the Grenfell fire. Conservative hold.

In Merton, Labour has maintained its small majority on the council, now holding 34 of the council’s 60 seats. Labour hold.

In Redbridge, counting is still under way and with only 12 wards declared, results are mixed with Labour taking a Conservative seat in South Woodford leading to the probability of a Labour hold.

In Richmond upon Thames, the Liberal Democrats have taken over the council. They now hold 39 of the 54 seats on the council with the Green Party holding 4 seats as a result of their electoral pact. The Conservative vote fell from 37 to 11 seats. Lib Dem gain.

In Southwark, Labour have maintained their healthy majority and now hold 49 of the 63 seats on the council, with the Liberal Democrats falling from 13 seats to 11. One seat had its election postponed due to the death of a candidate. Labour hold.

In Sutton, the Conservatives doubled their seats, with one being won on the toss of a coin, but the Liberal Democrats continue to have a majority despite fears that they could lose control. Lib Dem hold.

In Tower Hamlets, despite the verification of votes starting last night counting for the mayoyal election has only just begun. Labour activists are hopeful of seeing John Biggs succeed without needing to count the second preferences of voters and are predicting that Labour will win around 30 of the 45 council seats.

In Waltham Forest, Labour have held control with modest increases. Labour hold.

In Wandsworth, the Conservative representation has fallen from 39 seats to 33 but they maintain control of the 60 seats on the council. Conservative hold.

In Westminster, only four seats changed hands from Conservatives to Labour, giving the Conservatives 41 of the 60 seats on the council. Conservative hold.

Outside of London, results are mixed for the Labour and Conservative parties.

Labour has regained control of Plymouth but lost both Nuneton & Bedworth and Derby, where the Labour leader of the council lost his seat to UKIP. However UKIP’s vote imploded in Basildon, enabling the Conservatives to regain control.

The Conservatives also held on to Swindon in a disappointment to local Labour campaigners. Though many councils are not counting until today it appears that the Conservative vote has held up well, against the usual pattern of local elections enabling voters to punish the party in national control.

See you at 5pm!

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