Love, for the results we get, and the care we take

On Valentine’s Day, its good to remember love.

Love for what you do.

Love for the results you get.

And love for the friends, partners and clients you have. Oh, steady on there.

We hope we’ve built this business on love. Our colleagues working with each other, our clients love working with us, our suppliers love supplying us, and everyone loves seeing us doing well.

Love is about passion, love is about care.

Starbucks will do well if it continues to love creating the best coffee experience. Apple will do well if it continues to love creating the world’s best consumer technology.

We care about the customer experience (which includes calling them partners and friends). We like to think we are more connected with what people in our industry are thinking and feeling. We like to talk openly about why others might love being part of our vision.

In this new economy, the idea is to love what you do. And at Thorncliffe, that’s what we do.

Have a love-filled Valentine’s ❤

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