Thorncliffe Spring Quiz

  • There are two towns in the UK that used to be cities, but are no longer.  What are their names?
  • Who are the longest serving Labour and Conservative council leaders in London?
  • Which TV series did the character Freddie Patterson appear as a councillor?
  • How did the European Parliament take over from the Conservative Party, and how is that related to the LGA and the Labour Party?
  • In which council did the leader have to resign after persuading his own council officers to change the route of a bypass to make his own land more valuable?

These, and other intriguing questions face you if you choose to take the challenge of the Thorncliffe Spring Quiz.

All entries that are 100% correct will receive a Certificate of Moral Worthiness, and you will be able to bask in the knowledge that you are more intelligent than the person who sits next to you in your office.

One lucky winner, who will be drawn out of a hat, will also receive a bottle of champagne.

Good luck!

I’m sorry, the quiz is now closed.  Answers here.


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