Cost effective consultation package for SME developers

SME developers have been in the news for their campaign to change the government’s approach to housing, planning, regulations, taxation, as well as supply change issues driving up costs.  We know that SME developers provide diversity in design and offer, boost housebuilding numbers, are often regionally based and provide an active role in local communities.  An active SME developer market would also lessen the accusation of landbanking and oligarchic behaviour of the big housebuilders.    

Securing planning permission is the major risk factor, but so is the availability of land and finance, LPA staff shortages, energy and material costs, and even the ‘nutrients’ issue in many areas. 

If you’re a SME developer, we have a cost effective consultation package for you. 

We can talk to you about communityUK, which is an online consultation platform and the best way to engage with local communities for planning or infrastructure projects.


We have a great record of helping secure letters of support. With our Yes to Homes platform, we can guarantee a specified number of supportive letters, each with supportive individual comments.


We can work with you to ensure the planning committee is supportive.

For more information, email richard.patient@thorncliffe.com

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