Steve Curran MBE

Thank you to all those who sent kind words following the death of our colleague Steve Curran MBE earlier this week. We are passing those messages to his family. Steve continued his enthusiasm for development displayed during his eight years as leader of Hounslow Council in his time with us, and we miss him greatly.   

He was in the office just a month ago, and indeed was helping with a client (which subsequently achieved planning approval) only a couple of weeks ago. He maintained his brightness and love of life right up until the end.

We first met Steve when he was campaigning for Brentford Football Club. He loved sport – particularly rugby, but he was also a great enthusiast for regeneration.

When he became leader of Hounslow in 2014, he took on the regeneration portfolio and treated it very seriously. We did a scheme at that time for Ballymore – and he was very keen on the Brentford town centre scheme.  Steve set us a challenge – match the number of letters of support to the 600 letters of objection.  Obviously we did that, and Steve was very proud to slam them down on the committee desk in front of his colleagues to show this scheme had the necessary support.

When he stepped down from the leadership of Hounslow, as a result of his cancer, we were very sad.  But coming to join us for a year was a big plus, and we were delighted he chose us.

He’s been a great asset to the company and a great friend.  He will be greatly missed. 

If you have any stories about Steve, please do write them in the comments.

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